About us

Our idea:

 "If someone sells burgers - it does not mean that they still have a McDonalds"

The only one in Poland

Company Mister Twister is the only Polish manufacturer of professional equipment for industrial production and sale of twisted chip on a stick. Each is made from the highest quality certified stainless steel. We offer our customers a full range of products, from which in any configuration you can create an attractive, easy to use and profitable retail outlets.


Each order is different

We approach each client individually, because each point is for us a new and different challenge. We meet the expectations of the most demanding and thanks to them we become better and better. We provide all our customers free license to use the brand MISTER TWISTER.



Thanks to the confidence that you gave us, our product is now available not only in the vast majority of Polish resorts, but also in Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, the Canary Islands and Lithuania. For Customers in Southern part of Europe, our company opened a representative office in Spain.


Striving for excellence

Every day we are working on it so that you could be enjoying even higher volumes in the activities of the business. We introduce newer products into the market and improve those that already enjoy flattering reviews.


There is no other possible

The most important thing to keep in mind about which - at the present time over the possibility of making the life interest from the stand on the table. The development of civilization, convenience and universal access to luxury goods meant that only things professional, aesthetic and eye-catching may be of interest to potential customers. We believe that with your enthusiasm and our help we will create a special place in your area.