Questions & Answers

Is Mister Twister a franchise?

Mister Twister is not a franchise. The cooperation is straightforward and transparent. You’ve got an idea for a business – we’ve got tools for its implementation. We don’t tamper with the look of Your points. We don’t impose specified times of work. We don’t take commissions from money earned by You before, during the business and after it. We believe that You will go to great lengths so that the business pays for itself as soon as possible and starts to have calculable profits. 

Are the devices of Polish production?

We give into Your hands the equipment of the highest quality. Entirely Polish, manufactured from A to Z in our company. Long experience and working with it in our own points have enabled us to create a reliable device for making money. We guarantee that You will be satisfied with using it. In the event of any random incidents or failures (which actually don’t occur) on the spot we have qualified staff of technicians and all spare elements.

Does the equipment have suitable approvals and certificates?

Our equipment has all necessary approvals and certificates (including the approval of National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw).

Don’t Mister Twister points have any problems with the acceptance by Sanitary and Epidemiological Station?

This is the nightmare of the 21st century for most of gastronomes. You don’t have to worry any more whether the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station will accept this business or not.

We have thought it over before You did so. You don’t have to prepare on your own account the costly HAACP procedures. We’ve done this work for You. It is enough to match several variables to the characteristic of Your place and trade and submit them at the local control unit.

Naturally You get HAACP procedure extra from us.

What profits do Mister Twister generate?

This is a calculable value depending on many factors: place, season of the year, time of work, the look of a point etc. It’s impossible to determine how much and where will You earn. However, we can do a minor calculation. We won’t take into account the costs connected with a worker or the lease of the ground, but only the cost of the product itself. Price per unit of finished, cut, fried, spiced chip on a stick is approx. PLN 0.5. It is sold for PLN 6.0. It’s easy to calculate the profit rate multiplying by any number of Twisters that have been sold.

In our opinion this is one of the few ideas for simple gastronomy with such a percent of margin.

What is the order-cycle time?

Standard devices (slicing machines, deep fryers etc.) are mostly in stock and we send them on a day-to day basis. Trailers, kiosks and mobile stands are done on order, because they may differ in terms of size, equipment or graphics.

Waiting time is determined individually and depends on the size, diversity of an order and the season of the year.

Is it necessary to collect the equipment in person?

We work closely with DPD courier company and we send commodities to all Europe (including Poland) through this company. Trailers, kiosks can be delivered by heavy-loaded trucks with HDS crane.

What about maintenance?

We do our best to react very quickly to all problems of our clients. We have to remember that sooner or later every device will break down. We carry out warranty and post-warranty services. We have the replacement equipment, which we can lend in case of emergency situations.

If the above listed questions have not resolved Your doubts, please write to us or call us. We will try to help and answer the questions as best as we can.